Photo Restoration of Prints

Over time photos can fade, get torn or cracked, or otherwise damaged. We can color correct and restore old or damaged photographs, often bringing back their original color and appearance. We can then make new prints of them or put them on a DVD for your own use.

Slide Transfer to Digital

Remember those slideshows of Uncle Fred?s vacation from your childhood? Now you can bore others with those same pictures when you bring them to us. We?ll scan and transfer them to digital files so another generation can learn about Old Faithful.

Film Negatives to Digital

We can also transfer film negatives to digital files. If you?re not sure what?s on all those negatives, bring them in and we?ll scan them. Then you can view them and choose which ones you want to have printed.

Photo Scanning to Digital

Having a digital backup of your printed photos is a great way to make sure those memories don?t get lost or destroyed. We?ll take your photos, no matter how old, and turn them into digital files.